Mr. Hal Borkow’s Message

The Maimonides School Community welcomes all players, coaches and fans to Sharon, Massachusetts for the 6th Ezra Schwartz Memorial Baseball Tournament! We are honored to host such prestigious schools: Atlanta Jewish Academy, Kushner Yeshiva High School and MTA. Ezra’s spirit and character live on through the enthusiasm and camaraderie each player brings to this tournament and Shabbaton. I met Ezra on his first day of school at Maimonides in the 7th grade. He had a crowd of students around him as he was recalling stories from the summer, telling jokes and entertaining everyone in his vicinity. Many who knew Ezra probably have a similar recollection of their first encounter with him. People loved Ezra and Ezra loved the company of people. That’s one of the reasons why sports were so meaningful for Ezra; competitive athletics gave him the opportunity to lead, mentor and bond with his classmates. Baseball was Ezra’s favorite sport, and he played baseball with a distinct passion. He particularly appreciated the bonds that were formed between teammates, and he relished every opportunity to coach and mentor younger players. Ezra very much wanted to pass on his love for competitive baseball to other players, and this event gives him the posthumous opportunity to do just that. Each of you who is participating in the 2023 ESMBT is carrying on the torch Ezra lit many years ago. You are part of a special event, and one that we sincerely hope will provide each of you with indelible lifelong bonds, friendships and memories.

Hal Borkow
Maimonides Athletics Director

Maimonides State Tournament Round 1 – June 2014

Maimonides Jr. Varsity – June 2011 Ezra’s 8th grade (2nd from the right bottom row)