Rabbi Yaakov Green’s Message

I am thrilled to welcome everyone to the sixth annual Ezra Schwartz Memorial Baseball Tournament. As both Head of School and a Maimonides alumnus, it is clear to me just how special this tournament is to our community.

Baseball holds a very special place in my heart. As one of the founding members of the M-Cat baseball team, which was first created during my time as a student, it is amazing to see how the program has grown and flourished! The level of play, along with the learning opportunities provided through athletics in general and our baseball program specifically, is astounding.

Much more importantly, and more profoundly, Ezra z”kl still holds a very prominent place in all of our hearts. As a Maimo alum, I watched a national football game hold a moment of silence for Ezra and I felt a mix of pride and profound sadness. Now, years later, both emotions are still present. However, there is also a sense of joy and enjoyment in celebrating our M-Cat baseball program, the sport Ezra loved, and the school he called home. I hope Ezra z”kl would feel that same sense of pride and joy.

We are truly grateful to the Schwartz family for their continued commitment to our school, and to cherishing so much of what Ezra z”kl held dear through this tournament. Through this effort, and through the sixth annual Ezra Schwartz Memorial Baseball Tournament, we celebrate Ezra’s life and share our love and memory of this special young man with an ever-widening circle of the Jewish world.

This tournament is a promise each year to uphold and honor Ezra z”kl, his memory, and the special elements of our school that make all M-Cats and Maimo alumni so proud of our school community.

Rabbi Yaakov Green
Head of School

Maimonides Champions ESMBT 2022