About Ezra

Sports were a huge part of Ezra’s life. He enjoyed them so much that he wanted our whole family to watch and play together. This tournament is especially important to us and the entire Sharon community, as a way to memorialize Ezra. Ezra played little league in Sharon since he was 5 years old, eventually playing Junior Varsity and Varsity Baseball for the Maimonides School. Ezra and our four other children have played for years at the Sharon and Maimonides baseball fields, each of them passionate and talented baseball or softball players in their own right.

Ezra watched and played many different sports. He really loved sports, but he also really loved the relationships with friends, family and teammates that all these sports encourage. Ezra took it upon himself to help and teach his friends and teammates. Ezra made a big effort to teach his brothers in order for them to eventually be better than him.

One of Ezra’s good friends said, ” I will always miss how Ezra used to teach and give confidence to everyone around him.”

Another friend said,”It always felt like Ezra was having a good time by making sure his friends were having a good time.”

Ezra had a big welcoming smile, he was fun, silly and he was a really good friend. He knew what it meant to be a friend. He took time to make sure that everyone in his life knew that they were loved by him.
Ezra’s girlfriend, shared a story that perfectly describes Ezra’s commitment to his team and his genuine sweetness. She describes going to Ezra’s baseball game one chilly Sunday afternoon. She was huddled with her friend trying to keep warm. After a difficult inning in the field, Ezra came and sat on the bench looking frustrated, but he turned they locked eyes and he winked at her quickly. This, she said made her feel so happy. After the game he apologized about how bad a game it was and that he had forgotten to tell her to bring a blanket to keep warm. She said that she told him, the highlight of the game for her was when he turned around and winked. Ezra got very serious and explained how during a game they really can not look or talk or even wave to family or friends, but that he wanted her to know that he was thinking about her and happy she was there.

Maimonides Baseball was everything to Ezra. He loved it! He worked hard, played hard and he led by example. Ezra supported his teammates and he took pride in their accomplishments. He wanted everyone to play hard but also to love the game.

While Ezra was on the team he really wanted Maimonides to attend a Baseball Tournament, but they never did. That is why we decided to host this Baseball Tournament in his hometown of Sharon, Massachusetts, in his memory. Ezra was competitive but he was also friendly and he loved to have fun. We plan to make the Tournament a weekend of competition that is infused with fun and friendship.

Ruth and Ari Schwartz

Ezra and Ilana (girlfriend) 2015
Mollie (sister) and Ezra 2014
Ethan and Ezra 2010 and 2014
Ezra -Little League 12 years old
Ezra 2 1/2 years old
Ezra’s first Baseball glove 1998
Ezra and Sam Beiser (a great friend since 2 years old)
1st place 6th grade Little League White Sox vs Athletics